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The Six C’s of Young Life


Every aspect of Young Life is rooted in Jesus Christ.  Following His model of going into the world to build relationships, we go into the world of adolescents carrying His message of hope.  And as teens enter a relationship with Christ and grow in their faith, His legacy leaves indelible imprints of thousands of lives – enabling kids to impact the world around them.

Contact work

‘Seeing young people and being seen by young people’ is how some people define contact work.  Leaving the comfort zone of their adult world, Young Life leaders cross over to the world of adolescents to build relationships and ‘earn the right to be heard’.  Young Life leaders go anywhere teens hang out, including sporting events, plays, concerts, fast-food restaurants – simply to spend time with them.


Often described as ‘controlled chaos,’ club is a place where teens come to laugh, sing, hang out, have fun and hear about God’s love for them.  Combining humour, games, skits, songs and a brief talk, leaders are given a unique platform to share the truth about Jesus in terms young people can understand.

Campaigners (Bible Study)

When teens know they’ll get real answers, they’ll ask real questions – about topics like sex, drinking, death, relationships, and God.  And small group Bible studies are safe places where teens come together to ask such questions and learn more about God.  The name, ‘Campaigners’ is rooted in our history, as Young Life founder Jim Rayburn coined the term from Young Life’s original name:  The Young Life Campaign.


Young Life’s camping program is one of the hallmarks of the ministry.  At camp, campers are given the opportunity to get away from their usual surroundings, experience God’s beautiful creation, and participate in exhilarating activities.  Countless young people are forever changed by the thrill of meeting Christ during one of these weeks – making it truly one of the best weeks of their lives.


Committees are the backbone of local Young Life ministry, composed of caring adults who pray for and support the local area.  Committee members encourage staff and volunteers, assist in fund-raising efforts, and serve as the community mouthpiece for Young Life.


Young Life Newburgh does a wonderful job of showing their community the 6 C’s of Young Life.  Have a look at how they explain each component of what we do.




The Six C’s of Young Life