The Child Safe Framework Implementation Procedure relates to the appointment of personnel to Framework positions, and mechanisms for program approval, communication, reporting, review and improvement of the Framework.

Appointment of Child Safe Personnel

The Board or its delegate will appoint appropriate staff to carry out the following Child Safe Framework implementation roles, and review these roles every two years:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Risk Committee
  • Field Operations Manager (FOM)
  • Child Safe Officer/Chief Executive Manager or designee
  • Health and Safety Officer/Field Operations Manager

Approving Programs and Events

The Chief Executive Officer and/or Field Operations Manager will ensure that, prior to commencement, a written approval for all programs and events of Young Life Australia is undertaken. This process will include ensuring that all duty of care issues have been addressed and all foreseeable program/event risks have been identified, assessed and treated.

Communication of the Child Safe Framework

Young Life’s Risk Committee will ensure documentation for our Child Safe Framework will be made available through our communication platforms…(with) targeted, relevant, and specific information about our Child Safe Framework to all persons associated with Young Life Australia.

The Risk Committee will ensure that age-appropriate signage is posted to provide information about who people (young people and adults) can speak with if they have a concern.

Reporting to Board

The Board will have a set agenda item for reporting on child safety at all Board meetings. The Risk Committee will have a set agenda item for reporting on child safety at each meeting.