The Child Safe Framework Procedure for supervision of workers relates to the implementation of the following Policy statement:

We commit to the welfare of all young people through the implementation and ongoing improvement of our Child Safe Framework which includes safe and adequate recruitment, training, supervision, support and resourcing of our workers.

The Board will provide a system of support and supervision for all our workers, to ensure they feel valued, respected and fairly treated, including:

  • Provision of up-to-date documentation to Workers
    • The CEO will ensure all workers have access to valid, updated documents and Codes of Conduct
  • Supporting Workers
    • The Area Manager will communicate the types of formal or informal support mechanisms available to workers.
  • Review of Position
    • All casual or permanent staff shall engage in an annual process of position review through a formal written process or review
  • Codes of Conduct
    • The Codes of Conduct detail the standards of conduct expected by all staff and workers, set out the clear expectations of staff and Young Life Australia, and encourage staff members to seek to act in a manner that faithfully represents the ethos and beliefs of Young Life Australia
    • There are three Role Specific Codes of Conduct for:
      • Board members, staff (paid employees), volunteer workers, and casual helpers
      • Venue guests, including contractors, subcontractors (and their employees) and visitors (e.g. parents)
      • Young people who participate in our programs