The Child Safe Framework Procedure for safe environments relates to the implementation of the following Policy statement:

We commit to the welfare of all young people through the implementation and ongoing improvement of our Child Safe Framework which includes child-safe and child-friendly environments where young people are listened to, feel safe, have fun, accept challenges, learn and grow.

Safe environments are transparent and accountable in relation to both procedures and relationships. The spiritual, physical, and emotional environments are safe and safe practices are in place to run the program, where all foreseeable risks and hazards are identified, assessed, and managed. In implementing procedures for the fact that some activities or situations present more inherent risks than others, consideration should be given to the participants’ ages and cultural backgrounds.

The following requirements will be completed, implemented or considered prior to any program, event or activity:

  • Risk Assessment
  • First Aid – suitable qualified staff and kits
  • Transportation
  • Spiritual Safety
  • Emotional Safety
  • Food
  • Supervision of Young people