The Child Safe Framework Procedure for responding to child protection concerns relates to the implementation of the following Policy statement:

We commit to the welfare of all young people through the implementation and ongoing improvement of our Child Safe Framework which includes friendly, appropriate and expedient responses to all incidents, accidents or child protection concerns.


These responses will be:

  • Child Centred Approach to Reporting
    • (Our commitment) to a child focussed approach … starts with the question: “How is the young person experiencing the suspected or actual harm?” and then act in the best interests of the young person.
  • …reported as soon as is practicable when
    • A young person disclosed that they are being harmed or are at risk of being harmed
    • Another person discloses that a young person is being harmed or is at risk of being harmed
    • The worker has a reasonable concern that a young person is at risk of harm (based on the indicators of young people who may be at risk of harm).

The procedures associated with responding to child protection concerns are very detailed. The Child Safe Concerns Record  that is to be completed as well as a quick reference table for the appropriate action to be taken in different situations can be found in the “Resources” folder in the Child Protection section of the Training site.