Staff Induction

This is part of the induction process for all new staff members of Young Life Australia.

Welcome to the Young Life Australia Staff.  Below is an introductory video and letter from our former CEO, Glyn Henman.  Please watch the video, and then complete the course material below.

Should you decide to leave and comeback, you will notice a green check-mark next to the lessons and topics that have been completed. This will make it easy for you to start exactly where you left off.  You can also click on “Resume My Last Course” on the homepage to recommence where you left off.

The pages that have videos on them will require you to watch the entire video before it will allow you to continue in the course.  A quiz will become available once you have completed the course; this is simply an acknowledgment that you have completed all the training.

Please do not hesitate to contact your direct supervisor, or the National Office, if you have any questions about the material that you cover in this course.

Welcome to the ministry of Young Life Australia and the world of young people.

It is exciting that you feel the call of God upon your life to work with the teenagers of your community.  It is committed people like you that make Young Life Australia what it is today, as we are all a part of God’s bigger plan to reach young people in Australia.

Young Life Australia is a non-profit Christian organisation committed to connecting with young people in their world, providing strong and positive influences in their lives. YLA seeks to reach out to young people and foster a sense of purpose and value in their lives through meaningful relationships with adult role models.

Young Life Australia is primarily a volunteer organisation and part of your role on the staff to is to recruit and assist volunteers in the delivery of the services that we provide.

We would also ask that you not only include the young people that you are working with in your prayer life, but that you would also include the staff, board, committees, donors and other volunteers into your prayer life as well.  Prayer is what makes our mission shine.  We need to pray to the Lord of the harvest to continue to send out workers into the harvest field (Matthew 9:38), and you are the co-labourers with us in the task that God has laid before us.

We thank you for your commitment to do mission among young Australians with us and we all look forward to spending some time together soon.

God Bless You,

Young Life Australia


Employee Disclosure

This is to inform you about the types of information that Young Life Australia Incorporated (“we” or “us”) collects and processes about you and how that information is used.

We collect and process certain personal information about you, including, but not limited to, your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, next of kin, tax file number, salary, job title, Working With Children Check and National Police Check.

We collect and process this information for the purpose of administering payroll, determining eligibility for and managing retirement and benefit programmes, and for performance evaluation, training, career development, workforce planning, communications, association travel arrangements, insurance underwriting, claims evaluation, dispute resolution and processing and managing and protecting association-owned property, for background checks (subject to applicable law), security and disciplinary purposes, and to meet government requirements relating to your employment.  We may also collect and process personal information regarding your spouse, dependents and beneficiaries to administer insurance and other benefit programmes.  Collectively, this information is referred to as “Personal Data”.

We may disclose Personal Data to third parties to fulfil any of the purposes indicated above and as may be required by law.  For example, we may give Personal Data to businesses that provide data management and processing services, administer our various benefit programmes, superannuation plans, arrange and provide business travel and to businesses that conduct employment-related reference checks or other employment related inquiries on our behalf.  We may also disclose certain Personal Data to tax authorities or other government authorities when we are obligated to provide such Personal Data by law or court order.

Personal Data may be transferred to a recipient in the USA or another country that may have data protection laws that are different from the laws of Australia and its states and territories.  Young Life Australia will endeavour to protect the confidentiality and security of any Personal Data transferred.

If at any time, you have any question about the parties handling the Personal Data or the confidentiality and security of the Personal Data, please contact the National Office.

Personal data will be held by us for only as long as is necessary to administer services and for other purposes relating to your employment.  If the law requires us to retain Personal Data for a specific period of time, we will abide by the law.

You may access and update your Personal Data through the National Office.


Download Employee Disclosure


The Financial Master Plan

The Financial Master Plan (FMP) is simply a calendar that identifies when each aspect of the Strategy will take place during the year.

We have set out an example below.

Please note – this is an example only; the plan will vary for each Area. With all the activity, it is easy to see why it is critical that a TDS team is in place. It is too much work for just one person. But split between a committed team of four, including the Area Manager, it can be quite achievable.

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Download a Blank Calendar


Monthly thank you activity: One region in the United States issued a challenge to all committees to consider incorporating monthly thank activities in their Financial Master Plan. The challenge was met with great success. Those areas who implemented such a program found phone calls and personal meeting invitations much easier to make. People were more willing to talk or meet and as a result, overall fundraising increased. It may be a lot of work, but please consider how your Area might do something similar.

We encourage all areas to do their own newsletters. But they are also a big commitment. Given that national also produces one four times per year, you can probably get away with just 2 per year, coupled with regular (monthly or quarterly) prayer emails. This keeps everyone informed on local ministry activities. If you choose to do more, be consistent!

The Six C’s of Young Life


Every aspect of Young Life is rooted in Jesus Christ.  Following His model of going into the world to build relationships, we go into the world of adolescents carrying His message of hope.  And as teens enter a relationship with Christ and grow in their faith, His legacy leaves indelible imprints of thousands of lives – enabling kids to impact the world around them.

Contact work

‘Seeing young people and being seen by young people’ is how some people define contact work.  Leaving the comfort zone of their adult world, Young Life leaders cross over to the world of adolescents to build relationships and ‘earn the right to be heard’.  Young Life leaders go anywhere teens hang out, including sporting events, plays, concerts, fast-food restaurants – simply to spend time with them.


Often described as ‘controlled chaos,’ club is a place where teens come to laugh, sing, hang out, have fun and hear about God’s love for them.  Combining humour, games, skits, songs and a brief talk, leaders are given a unique platform to share the truth about Jesus in terms young people can understand.

Campaigners (Bible Study)

When teens know they’ll get real answers, they’ll ask real questions – about topics like sex, drinking, death, relationships, and God.  And small group Bible studies are safe places where teens come together to ask such questions and learn more about God.  The name, ‘Campaigners’ is rooted in our history, as Young Life founder Jim Rayburn coined the term from Young Life’s original name:  The Young Life Campaign.


Young Life’s camping program is one of the hallmarks of the ministry.  At camp, campers are given the opportunity to get away from their usual surroundings, experience God’s beautiful creation, and participate in exhilarating activities.  Countless young people are forever changed by the thrill of meeting Christ during one of these weeks – making it truly one of the best weeks of their lives.


Committees are the backbone of local Young Life ministry, composed of caring adults who pray for and support the local area.  Committee members encourage staff and volunteers, assist in fund-raising efforts, and serve as the community mouthpiece for Young Life.


Young Life Newburgh does a wonderful job of showing their community the 6 C’s of Young Life.  Have a look at how they explain each component of what we do.




The Six C’s of Young Life


Staff Registration Form




YL 101 – What We Do

Please complete the following quiz to show that you have read and understood the material provided.

If you have any questions about the material, you can speak with your Area Manager or contact the National Office.

You need to get 80% of the questions right to continue the quiz.