Watch the clip below.  Alex served on the Young Life Staff and as a volunteer in Bathurst; Dylan is one of the young people we had the honour of walking with during his high school years.  The clip is based upon a discussion between Alex and Dylan; it shows Dylan’s experiences and highlights with us, and shows the importance of taking young people on camping and shared experiences.

Why Get Kids to Camp?? – by Alex Cuttiford

I asked Dylan to think about his last 3 years with Young Life and to write down his top 10 experiences. What he wrote revealed to me the fruit of the process Young Life has.

Dylan’s Number 1 experience was when Mel demonstrated how to go to the toilet in the bush on Newnes camp 2013.  Why? because it was hilarious!

His Number 2 experience was P’ish having to come get Dale out of bed every morning on Summer Camp 2015.  Why? because he used a different instrument each time.

Number 3 – when Bon Jovi “Living on a Prayer” was played at summer camp 2015 and everyone sang along.

Number 4 –  picking John up in his swag at the Lake Lyell Ski Trip 2015 and dropping him on top of P’ish. Why? to start a prank war with John.

Number 5 –  the first time I came to club and met Alex, Heather, Josh, Lloyd, John, Rachel, Christie, Adrian, Eric, Sam and Tal. Why? because the relationships I have with the people mentioned above have been amazing even if some haven’t been for long.

Number 6 – having wrestling match with Tim C. at Newnes 2014 because it went for ages and I almost won.

Number 7 – fire breathing by the 2 Tim’s. Why? it’s not every day you get to see people do that.

Number 8 –  the amazon game at Summer Camp 2015 when the girl’s had to try and break the grip of the guy’s. Why? the team work of the guys was amazing until P’ish and Adrian came and pulled us apart.

Number 9 – me, Tal and Ty water skiing at Summer Camp 2014 on the back of the V8 boat and getting thrown 20m at near full speed.

Number 10 –  the leaders especially Alex, Pish, John and Heather because there always there when you need them, helping with things like education, lift’s, becoming a better person, leading me towards Jesus and helping me understand the Bible.

Number 11 – being baptised

Dylan has just mentioned 16 different people in 11 experiences, 9 out of 11 experiences happened on a camp, the other 2 where about the relationships he had with leaders and the support they gave him.

Why do we go camping? Because Young Life is a relational ministry and camping is the door we walk kids through to offer it.