1. Develop prayer list of possible kids.
  2. To get 35, you need 100 on list.
  3. Pray by name for kids daily.
  4. Get local “pray-ers” to pray for kids.
  5. Enlist previous campers to bring friends.
  6. Announce summer camp in club all year.
  7. Talk to kids one on one.
  8. Inform sports coaches, or school administrators about camp, camp dates, etc.
  9. Have parents give down payment as Christmas present.
  10. Have signup sheet for every kid remotely interested at club.
  11. Be prepared to answer key question: “Who is going?”
  12. Be aware of competing activities.
  13. Build year‑to‑year tradition.
  14. Build camp price around 30 paying kids if it is a trip of 35.
  15. Keep an on-going list of who has been asked. A kid who says no in October may become available in December.
  16. Keep selling camp until trip leaves.
  17. Show video in homes one on one ‑or to groups of non‑club kids.
  18. Go to homes to pick up deposits.
  19. Kids are not signed up until you have a substantial deposit.
  20. Find out what activity kids are inter­ested in and highlight that activity at camp.
  21. Get Campaigners praying for lost friends, younger students.
  22. Find out what lies behind a “no.” If a kid says he/she can’t afford it, ask if he/she would go if the money was raised. Remove obstacles in an imagi­nary fashion first, and if he or she responds affirmatively, then work with him/her to remove the obstacle. Remember, only 10% of kids who say they will go next year actually do.
  23. Summer camp looks great when the winter weather is miserable.
  24. Never allow money to be an issue. Plan effective camp fundraisers.
  25. Tell kids sincerely, “I am looking for­ward to being with you.”
  26. Get camp dates to kids early to beat holiday and family vacations.
  27. For kids to go, you must go.
  28. Have pre‑camp get-togethers for signed‑up kids and potentials (BBQ’s, pool parties, volleyball, etc.).
  29. Kids sell kids better than we do.
  30. We must believe it will be the “greatest week in kids’ lives.”
  31. Committee and other parents must be sold on camp for their kids to go.
  32. Plan and pray with the goal that Young Life camp becomes the most attractive kid’s activity in your com­munity.
  33. Never sell camp to the point of jeopardizing­ your relationship with that kid.
  34. Personally talk with five kids per week about camp.
  35. Sell summer camp on a weekend trip.
  36. With Campaigners, give vision:
    • you can affect lives for eternity
    • you can be like junior leaders before, during, after camp
    • you will see God do great things
    • pray for friends by name starting now
    • develop their own “yes, maybe, no way” list.
  37. With leaders, give vision:
    • what will this mean for their lives?
    • how will their ministry look next year?
  38. You are the camp manager for your kids.
  39. Show camp video after club for new kids.
  40. Don’t ask for commitments to go from kids in a group situation. Always ask for a commitment one on one.
Download – 40 Ways to Get Kids to Camp