Do We Have An Agreement?

There are three forms for you to complete:

  1. Application Form
  2. Background Check
  3. Agreement of Policies

Once you have completed the above forms, you will be taken to the final ‘quiz’, confirming completion of this course.

Volunteer Application

The completion of the volunteer application is a requirement for all volunteers serving in the mission of Young Life Australia.

Welcome to the Young Life Australia team. Please watch the video, and then click through to the course material to the right.

Please do not hesitate to contact your direct supervisor, or the National Office, if you have any questions about the material that you cover in this course.

Dear Prospective Leader,

Welcome to the ministry of Young Life Australia and the work of young people here in Australia.

It is exciting that you feel the call of God upon your life to work with the young people of your local community.  It is committed people like you that make Young Life Australia what it is today, as we are all a part of God’s bigger plan to reach young people in Australia.  The thing I love about Young Life Australia so much is that it’s a volunteer organisation, and you are continuing that great gift in committing your time to become a Young Life Australia volunteer.

As you can see from the material that we have produced, we are serious about what God has called us to do.  In it, you will find some policy documents that pertain to how we are to conduct ourselves in our mission to young people and how we are to relate together as a community.  It is vital that you read carefully all the information following and fill out the necessary documentation before you begin any ministry with Young Life Australia.  Failure to do so will exclude you from participating in the mission of Young Life Australia until you have completed and handed in the documentation.  This documentation is for your protection as a Young Life Australia representative working in a very volatile environment.

We would also ask that you not only include the young people that you are working with in your prayer life, but that you would also include all the staff, board, committees, donors and other volunteers into your prayer life as well.  Prayer is what makes the mission happen.  We need to pray to the Lord of the harvest to continue to send out workers into the harvest field (Matthew 9:38), and you are the co-labourers with us in the task that God has laid before us.

We thank you for your commitment to do mission among young Australians with us and we all look forward to spending some time together soon.

God Bless You

Mark Stretton
Young Life Australia

Volunteer Application Form

Background Check

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Agreement of Policies

Volunteer Agreement of Policies Form

Thank you for taking the time to read through and familiarise yourself with our key mission documents and policies. Please complete the form below to acknowledge your agreement to the policies you have read.
  • Please Note:if you are unable to tick the boxes, please click on the statements beside the box and the box should fill.    
  • Personal Information

  • DD dash MM dash YYYY
  • If you are volunteering for a camp, please write 'Camp'. Otherwise, please provide us with the name of the town / suburb / area you are applying to volunteer with.
  • Acknowledgement

  • By ticking each box below you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and agree with the guidelines, principles, and standards of conduct required by Young Life Australia as outlined in the documents listed. If you have any questions regarding these documents please contact your Area Manager, supervisor, or the National Office prior to completing this form.
  • I authorise, at Young Life Australia's discretion, investigation of all statements made by me in this application, and review of any civil or criminal records, which may exist, concerning me, except for such records as are sealed according to State or Commonwealth law. I further authorise Young Life Australia, at its discretion, to contact employers, references and others whose names are provided on this application form, or whose names may be identified by me in an interview, and I authorise such persons to provide Young Life Australia with information requested by Young Life Australia regarding me. I further release any such individuals, as well as Young Life Australia, from any claims I might have arising out of any discussions involving me, or the provision of any information or records regarding me. I understand that I am working at all times on a voluntary basis without expectation of compensation and not as an employee of Young Life Australia. In the event I become a volunteer with Young Life Australia, I understand that false or misleading information given in my application or interviews may result in dismissal.
  • Please ensure that you hit the SUBMIT button so that your information is captured. If you do not hit submit, you will be asked to come & re-complete the form.   You must complete this form in order to move to the next topic.  

Volunteer Application Form (etapestry)