Before Club:

Arrive Early – about an hour

  • Not to plan club (it’s already been laid out ahead of time)
  • Get organised – order of the meeting, skit, etc. (have it in writing)
  • Last minute preparation
  • Prepare the room (talk about homes)
  • Beat the kids there – be ready when the first one arrives so you can hang out.
  • Pray together before the chaos begins.

Patrol – help outside

  • Park cars
  • Keep kids from getting hurt
  • Greet kids outside
  • Meet parents
  • Have new kids fill out club cards (address and other information).

Hear Brian Summerall share about the start of club.

During Club:

  • Do your assigned job – be ready and practiced.
  • When not involved spread out and help control kids by sitting with them.
  • Don’t be up front unless involved.
  • Don’t take away from who’s up front by drawing attention to yourself.
  • Sing enthusiastically, laugh, pay attention.
  • Draw kids into the singing, tease them into clapping.
  • Be alert to any crisis, keep kids inside, don’t let them throw things.

After Club:

Visit with kids

  • Tell them you’re glad they were there
  • Be available to answer questions
  • Take time to give yourself to them
  • Leave to do contact work with them
  • Set up a time to hang out with them later in the week.

Get kids home

  • Again, be outside to patrol.  This is a good time to meet parents and to provide safety.
  • Don’t leave while kids are still there, whether you meet at homes or another place.
  • Clean up
    • Not until kids leave
    • Everyone help.

If at a home, be sure to vacuum, take rubbish with you and say THANK YOU!

Download – Responsibilities of a Leader