Young Life is a mission community of Christ-centred people committed to reaching adolescent youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that we, as a community of adult Christians who belong to a broad diversity of church traditions, have been called and gifted by God to carry out this ministry.

We do this by building personal relationships with young people, by sharing our lives and participating with them in a variety of experiences through which the gospel can be heard and experienced.

We carry out our mission under the authority of Scripture and in accordance with our understanding of incarnational witness, seeking to en-flesh the gospel in our lives and relationships, and therefore,

We are committed:

  1. To the welfare and spiritual health of those who do this ministry, that they may do it out of a consistent and growing relationship with Christ and His Church.
  2. To submit to and communicate effectively the whole Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, as best we understand that Gospel.
  3. To researching and developing innovative approaches to the evangelisation of young people so that the unreached, uninterested or uncommitted youth of the world shall continue to be reached.
  4. To all young people wherever they may live in the world, or whatever may be their social, economic, ethnic, cultural, or racial environment.
  5. To seek out and welcome all those whom God directs to our ministry, male and female of all races, salaried and volunteer, with a diversity of Christian traditions linked in our common purpose, and to honour their calling and encourage the fullest expression of their gifts.
  6. To obey our Lord’s mandate that all His people should be one, and therefore to work cooperatively within the Church of Jesus Christ around the world, so that more young people may be reached.
  7. To the highest standards of stewardship of all resources placed in our trust.
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