Being a Young Life staff person or a volunteer leader is a rewarding responsibility! However, building friendships with kids in order to earn the right to tell them about Jesus and helping them grow in their faith can be taxing. Therefore, staff and leaders need extra care and support. The local committee can have a major role in providing this care.

Job Description

The care coordinator is responsible for planning and organizing the care of the local staff and volunteer leaders. The coordinator may want to develop a subcommittee to assist in this effort. This planning should involve having the committee members care for the staff and volunteer leaders in a variety of ways: prayer, befriending, mentoring, spiritual support, office work and assisting with fundraising.

Reminder: The committee is primarily responsible for the care of the Area Manager and any other staff. The staff is primarily responsible for the care of the volunteer leaders. If the committee has the time and ability to take care of the staff person(s) and also help take care of the volunteer leaders that would be great.

Basic Strategies to Develop

Area-Wide Leader Care: The coordinator should plan and organize area-wide events to care for the staff and volunteer leaders. Possibilities might include a beginning-of-the-year welcome/appreciation picnic, a Christmas meal with a white elephant exchange and an end-of-year thank you dinner with an appreciation gift. Committee members should attend all of these activities.

Individual Leader Care: The area leader/staff care coordinator or a subcommittee member COLLECTS information from the area staff and volunteer leaders about their needs and DISTRIBUTES that information to a committee member. The person is responsible for communicating with the staff member or volunteer leader and providing personal support throughout the year. Periodically, the coordinator should monitor the committee members to ensure that each member is caring for his or her staff member or volunteer leader; and should liaise with the Area Manager regularly in regards to committee care.

Hoyt Jackson has some great tips below for caring for Young Life Staff.  Have a listen to what he has to say.


  • Has good organizational skills.
  • Is creative.
  • Is proactive.
  • Possesses the gifts of exhortation and encouragement.

Time Requirement: 8 hours per month