Young Life exists in an area because the community is willing to financially support the ministry.  It is an important to hold a major fundraising event each year in your local area. Major events serve to celebrate, inform, proclaim the Gospel, affirm, give thanks and raise financial support. Generally, the primary purpose for a major event is to raise funds. The major event should be an important part of the area’s overall Taking Donors Seriously (TDS) strategy.

In addition to a major fundraising event, additional events such as Bunnings BBQ’s and Work-for-Reward (camp fundraising with our teens) may also be placed into the Events Coordinators Role.  

Job Description

The events coordinator oversees the entire event by providing leadership and direction.  They will develop a sub-committee (which may or may not have members of the Area Committee) to ensure all aspects of the event are catered for.  Roles on the sub-committee could include:

  • prayer team
  • allocating & following up table hosts
  • finding corporate sponsors
  • food
  • decorations
  • registration

Depending on the event, additional roles may be added.

The Events Coordinator should work closely with the Alumni and Friends Coordinator, as they should have an up to date list of people willing to assist with major and other local area events.

Basic Strategies to Develop

Young Life has developed “The 10 Essentials” for planning and implementing a successful event. These 10 requirements are to:

  1. Determine the right type of event.
  2. Set date, time and place of event.
  3. Reserve event location.
  4. Delegate committee assignments.
  5. Recruit table hosts.
  6. Generate a guest list.
  7. Invite guests.
  8. Make table seating assignments.
  9. Plan program.
  10. Conduct event follow up.


  • Can organize.
  • Is comfortable with multi-tasking.
  • Can delegate and hold others accountable.
  • Possesses the gifts of hospitality and leadership.

Time Requirement: 4-16 hours per month, depending on the timing of your event

Go to Committee Resources to find Event Suggestions & Guides