The members of the local community should be aware of and informed about the ministry of Young Life. By utilizing the local media, Young Life’s mission can be more fully communicated to the general public. Hopefully, by having a clear understanding of the ministry and its activities, Young Life will be more positively received by the local community.

Job Description

The coordinator will work closely with the area director to ensure that all significant Young Life activities and events are publicized in a timely manner. The coordinator will:

  • Ensure that events are publicized in area newspapers, print and radio (as appropriate).
  • Ensure that the Young Life area is represented at community events.
  • Ensure that activities (eg. clubs, new programs) are publicized.
  • Work with the Prayer Coordinator to maintain secular database on Mail Chimp and communicate regularly with them.
  • Liaison with Young Life Australia’s Communications Department as required.


  • Experienced in journalism.
  • Has good verbal and written skills.
  • Is creative.
  • Has good organizational skills.
  • Able to set priorities and timetables.

Time Requirement: 2 hours per month