Jim Rayburn, founder of Young Life, understood the power of camping. When kids are at camp, the Gospel can more effectively be communicated to them because they are having fun with friends and Young Life leaders and are away from the pressures of everyday life. 

Job Description

Working with the Area Manager, the campership coordinator will:

  • Keep the committee informed about the needs of the campership program.
  • Raise funds to help send more young people to camp.
  • Work with the Church Liaison Coordinator for opportunities to speak in local churches about the need for camp sponsorship in the lead up to camps.
  • Be available to assist with (and coordinate a team of volunteers to help with) the paperwork that must be done before young people go to camp.
  • Work with the prayer coordinator to develop strategies: to pray for young people to sign up for camp, to pray for the campers and leaders during the week of camp and to pray for all the campers after they return home.
  • Work with the leader/staff care coordinator to ensure care packages are given to leaders prior to boarding the bus for camp.
  • Ensure that donors are thanked for camp sponsorships in liaison with the donor care specialist.

Basic Strategies to Develop

  • Create a subcommittee to assist with raising funds and other support activities.


  • Understands the huge impact a camp experience can have on a young person’s life.
  • Enjoys fundraising.
  • Is an encourager.
  • Has good organizational skills.
  • Possesses the gift of helping.

Time Requirement: 8-12 hours per month during the sign-up and camping season